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MOOVIT® Penetrant

MOOVIT® SPRAY PENETRATING LUBRICANT mate product for the freeing of all rusted and corroded metal parts. MOOVIT® does not contain harmful acids or silicones and may be used with reasonable heat. It provides easy penetration for wood and metal screws and is ideal for lubrication of tight fitting parts.

  • Frees Rusted/Corroded Parts
  • Excellent Lubricant
  • Removes Rust

USES: Any frozen or corroded fittings, nuts, bolts, valves, pistons, rings, locks, hinges, heat risers, brake cables, linkages, manifold bolts, etc.

Available Products
Part No. Container Case Pack Case Weight MSDS
12090 16 oz Aerosol 12 13 lbs. English
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